Pre-Retirement Vacation Homes on the Maine Seacoast: An Investment Strategy

If you are planning on retiring in the next 10-15 years, buying a pre-retirement vacation home on the Southern Maine Seacoast at current below market values can be a strategy that creates solid financial returns and lifelong family vacation memories.

Prices in many popular second home and vacation home destinations along the Southern Maine Seacoast are at historically low levels and there are signs the bottom may be near. Buyers working with an experienced Agent from the area can realize real values in prime locations like Kittery, The Yorks, Ogunquit and Wells. Smart real estate investors wait for market corrections like we are now experiencing to BUY when everyone else is SELLING. Ten years from now, as you approach retirement age, it is likely that demand will have once again been created and prices will be on the rise.

Although the Dow Jones Industrial is currently  flirting with 13000, the Stock Market and other traditional investments are still quite risky in today’s economy for the average investor. And even if this turns out to be a legitimate bull market, you cannot vacation in your stock investment!

Now is one of the greatest opportunities for investing in a pre-retirement vacation homes on the Maine Seacoast. Begin enjoying family vacations for the next 10 years, then sell it if you wish and have a nice little nest egg of equity to spend in retirement.

About Mini Major

Mini views the purchase or sale of a home as a major life transition that usually evokes a wide array of challenges and emotions She brings her strong analytical, communication, and mediation skills to that process. For buyers, she helps to assess realistic goals and maps out a facilitation strategy that is uniquely designed to meet their individual styles with limited stress. For sellers, she provides honest, factual information necessary to set the right price and, together with the extraordinary resources of the Bean Group, provides state-of-the art marketing materials to present that property with appeal to the most appropriate potential buyers.

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