Maine Seacoast Pre-Retirement Vacation Homes

Purchasing and trying out a Maine Seacoast  pre-retirement vacation home has a lot of merit!

Maine Seacoast Pre-Retirement Vacation Homes

First, if you are wise enough to find a vacation home within a reasonable drive of your current home and workplace, and you are lucky enough to be able to work remotely with your laptop on occasion, you can enjoy extended weekend or vacation periods . This is a great stress reliever and may help you to delay full retirement thus improving your overall financial situation. Since the Southern Maine Seacoast towns of York, Kittery, Ogunquit and Wells are in such easy driving distanece from Boston, Albany, Providence, and Hartford, this is a prime area to consider.

Second, when you purchase a vacation home in your pre-retirement phase, it will allow you to evaluate your ability to live in that vacation environment either full or part time throughout every season of the year. You will begin to assimilate into the community and put down some new roots. Many current Southern Maine Seacoast retirees enjoy life in Maine for 9 months of the year and travel to warmer climates during the winter months.

Third, as you begin to consider the possibility that you may someday sell the home in which you raised your family, a pre-retirement vacation home will allow you to create family memories there so that your children will feel a connection to that home where you will continue to spend family time post retirement. Creating bonds to the vacation home for future generations of your family is a wonderful legacy.So, if you are in a position to consider a Maine Seacoast pre-retirement vacation home  now instead of waiting until after you retire, think about these intangible benefits in your overall retirement plans. Carpe Diem!

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