Moving Suggestions For Families

Moving is one of life's most challenging occasions, especially for children. To help the family cope with the change, there are certain things that you may do preceding, amidst, and after the event. This article contains moving suggestions for families.

In Advance of the Move

Stress hits long before the big day. This is when good communication is key. Make sure kids know what is going on. Instill a sense of excitement by letting them help with planning. Talk about all of the good things that will result from the change instead of things left behind.

During the Move

Change is hard on everyone. As difficult as it will be, try to stay positive. Your mood has a direct influence on your kids and their feelings. Below are some other things you can do during the move.

Personal Belongings – During the move, set aside favorite belongings instead of making kids wait for the moving truck to appear and belongings to be unloaded. This will limit distress.

Routines – Moving can temporarily disturb daily habits. Attempt to maintain routines such as story times, meals, and play times.

Create an Adventure – Be creative and do things such as camping out in your living room before the movers arrive. This is fun for the kids plus sleeping in the same space may be comforting to have parents and kids together during the first night in a strange space.

Settling in to a New Home

Usually distractions are the key to limiting stress. Try to do lots of fun things in your new house. This creates memorable events. Here are some ideas.

Movie Night – Gathering for a favorite movie can make the new house feel familiar.

Establish New Favorites – Most families have a preferred restaurant or entertainment venue. Find new places to visit. Even better, look for amenities that were not offered near your old neighborhood. It will make the new place seem extra special.

Make the Space Personal – Most rooms require a little painting, so ask your kids to participate. Younger kids could choose paint colors or accent pieces while older kids can get their hands dirty. This participation will give them some pride in their new space.

Additional Moving Suggestions For Families

Keep in mind that kids will be down and cranky. Give them some leeway when they act up with the knowledge that it is caused by the big change. Maintain open communication so they are encouraged to express their worries. This also provides you with an opportunity to figure out and guide them through it. Remember the moving suggestions for families above and think of other interesting activities to do.

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