Seacoast Maine Spring Real Estate Market Information

Spring is typically a busy time for real estate. There are both more listings and buyers on the market. If you are thinking about buying or listing real estate, this article provides Seacoast Maine Spring real estate market information.

The Impact of Seasons

The Spring tends to be a less hectic season from a personal perspective. In the fall, kids head back to school. Then comes the holiday months with shopping and social activities. The new year is tax season. Only after that do things clear up for most. The days get longer, the weather warms up, and people generally take on more during the spring and summer seasons. For all of these reasons, Spring is a busier time of year for real estate.

Abundance of Homes

Sellers commonly believe that their properties look better in the spring and summer and that this will get them a higher selling price. They naturally start cleaning up the outside of their home as the temperature increases and flowers start to bloom. The longer days also grant a little more time for all of this. The Spring usually brings an influx of property listings as a result. This also means more competition, so sellers must think carefully about pricing their listing properly to achieve a prompt sale. They should also make appointment scheduling as easy as they can. Buyers will skip over ones with difficult or limited showing arrangements. With the right pricing and showing instructions, Sellers can make the most of the Spring market.

Buyer Competition

Buyers also have more time to focus on their home search in the Spring and enjoy the availability of homes to choose from. It is essential for buyers to remain focused on their criteria instead of looking to see all property for sale. The most desirable deals will move quickly because of the volume of competing buyers. Those who stray from their primary criteria may end up missing out on the property of their dreams.

Seacoast Maine Spring Real Estate Market Information

To make the most of the Spring real estate market, get information and guidance from a skilled real estate agent. For sellers, it is essential not to overprice or lose momentum. Buyers can stay up to date on new listings with help from a real estate agent and their direct access to the MLS system. It is also important for home buyers not to lose focus and get lost in the number of homes coming on the market. With the right guidance and support, you can achieve your real estate goals for this Spring. For more Seacoast Maine Spring real estate market information, contact Mini Major at Bean Group by calling 617-877-4083 or emailing

About Mini Major

Mini views the purchase or sale of a home as a major life transition that usually evokes a wide array of challenges and emotions She brings her strong analytical, communication, and mediation skills to that process. For buyers, she helps to assess realistic goals and maps out a facilitation strategy that is uniquely designed to meet their individual styles with limited stress. For sellers, she provides honest, factual information necessary to set the right price and, together with the extraordinary resources of the Bean Group, provides state-of-the art marketing materials to present that property with appeal to the most appropriate potential buyers.

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