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Maine Luxury Property Purchase Tips

Purchasing luxury property is different from lower end real estate. The offer, property inspection, and financing process may be more intricate and require additional attention. Your first step should … [Read more...]

Information On Maine Appraised Versus Assessed Values

People frequently mistake appraised values with assessed values. As a home buyer and home seller, it is crucial to remember what these words mean. Information on Maine appraised versus assessed values … [Read more...]

Building Vs. Buying Luxury Properties In Seacoast Maine

When interested in luxury properties, you may either build a new home or purchase a pre-built one. There are positives and negatives to each. Below are a few thoughts on building vs. buying luxury … [Read more...]

Advantages Of Buying Seacoast Maine Homes In 2012

It is a bit challenging to consider purchasing a property with all of the negative news on the real estate market. When you review the facts, it is actually a great time to buy a home. The following … [Read more...]

Credit Mistakes To Avoid Before Buying A Home – Tips For Potential Seacoast Maine Home Buyers

Credit reports are generated by three major credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and Transunion). They all use differing formulas to come up with a numerical credit score that represents your credit … [Read more...]

Seacoast Maine Home Buyer Relocation Advice

Relocating to a new state can be a stressful process. There are many things to review including school systems, local amenities, crime levels, taxes and driving time to work. Below you will find … [Read more...]

The Southern Maine Seacoast Real Estate Agent Services – Why You Should Hire An Agent

As a first time home buyer or home owner in The Southern Maine Seacoast, you have the benefit of finding a real estate agent to provide support and protect your interests. Simply contacting an agent … [Read more...]

Reasons Why Buyers Should Have Pre-approvals Prior To Visiting Seacoast Maine Properties

When thinking about purchasing Seacoast Maine properties, it is natural to be very excited and want to begin viewing homes as soon as possible. In that excitement, you may delay the important step of … [Read more...]

Purchasing Seacoast Maine Short Sale Properties

Seacoast Maine short sales are not quite the same as regular home sales. Before considering or purchasing a short sale in Seacoast Maine, it is important that you understand what they are and what the … [Read more...]

Details On Seacoast Maine Tax Advantages Of Buying A Property

There can be many tax advantages of buying a property in Seacoast Maine through use of tax deductions. Deductions reduce your taxable income and therefore lead to lower taxes. It is useful to learn … [Read more...]